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Tony's Linguini Seafood Stew with Sundried Tomatoes

Updated: Mar 22

Great with a dry white wine.

Figure 1: Soften onion + garlic with olive oil


1 lb. of linguini or spaghetti

¾ cup of olive oil

1 diced medium onion

2 teaspoons of diced garlic

1 cup diced sundried tomatoes

1 lb of deveined / peeled shrimp

½ lb of scallops

6-8 oz. can of drained diced clams (or 1 lb. of fresh clams)

2 cups of dry white wine

1 teaspoon of parsley

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of black pepper

2- 3 cups of arugula

Figure 2: Mix in 1 cup diced sundried tomatoes

To Prepare:

1. Prepare 1 lb. of linguini or spaghetti al dente in a pot.

2. In a skillet, add ¾ cup of olive oil,1 diced medium onion, 2 teaspoons of diced garlic. Soften over med-high heat.

(see figure 1)

3. Mix in 1 cup diced sundried tomatoes on medium heat about 1–2 minutes. (see figure 2)

4. In the skillet, add shrimp, scallops, clams, white wine, parsley, salt, and pepper. Cover and simmer 6–8 minutes. Stir occasionally. (see figure 3)

Figure 3: Add seafood, white wine, parsley, salt & pepper

5. Add drained al dente linguini or spaghetti to skillet. Mix into stew and simmer 1 minute.

Figure 4: Add linguini and fold in arugula.

6. Fold in arugula and serve. (see figure 4)


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